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Edith Maude Stephenson
1897 - 1986
Edith, Edward, Thomas E., Thomas, Thomas A. Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Edith was the 2nd child of Edward & Susan Hartt, born May 3, 1897 at Fredericton, NB. Edith was a school teacher. She would teach during the summer and enrolled in the College of Arts and Science in the winter and obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree. Two of her classmates were John Diefenbaker and Emmit Hall who became a famous lawyers. John became Prime Minister of Canada. Emmit Hall set up National Transportation pattern. Edith married John B. Stephenson Jan 1,1924. They became active farmers and community people. They had 4 children: Jean 1925-2010, John 1926-2012, William 1928, Doris 1930. John & Edith bought a house in Stranraer in 1938 and moved their family to town to finish their education. Edith was involved in a library book mobile. It was very successful. Edith moved to Vancouver in 1961. John was in failing health and died Sept. 7, 1967. Edith passed away April of 1996. Both are buried in te Vancouver area.
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