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John Bannerman Stephenson
1876 - 1967
Edith, Edward, Thomas E. Thomas Thomas A, Jonathan,Samuel, Isaac

John was born in Guelph, Ontario July 21, 1876. He came West with the promise of land. He had a homestead southwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan which is still in the family. He was active in getting the Noble View School started and the building of the United Church in Stranraer, Sask. Edith Hartt was the Noble View schoolteacher when she married John Jan 1, 1924. John & Edith became very active farmers and community people. Johns health began to fail and he died Sept. 7, 1967. They are both buried in Vancouver, British Columbia Their children are: Jean 1925-2010, John 1926-2012, William 1928, Doris 1930
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