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Alice Wilson
1915 - 1979
Alice, Guy, Newton, Samuel Sammuel, Samuel,Jonatham, Samuel, Isaac

Alice Way (Hartt) Wilson was born to Guy and Edna Hartt, March 26, 1915 in Frazerton, AB. Alices first marriage ended1935 with the accidental death of her first husband, left her with an infant son, Neil, to raise on her own. A couple of years later Alice married Samuel Franklin Wilson, January 1938 in Calgary, Alberta where they lived for a short time until they moved to Rocky Mtn. House, AB. Sam farmed and operated heavy equipment. Alice cooked for the threshing crews and was also a hair dresser After the children came she stayed on the farm helping with milking white shorthorn cows, harvesting plus making sure the children had a well rounded view of the world. Samuel died Nov 25, 1969, as a result of a vehicle accident in Edmonton. Alice died following a battle with cancer of liver,pancreas and colon January 7, 1979. She was cremated with her ashes put beside Samuels headstone at Pine Grove Cemetery at Rocky Mtn. House. Children are: Neil, Franklin Wilson 1938-1944, Terry William, Dwight Samuel, Wendy Diane, Kari Dawn
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Rocky Mtn House,

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