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Jack Howell
1947 - 2004
Jack,Betty Howell, Harry Dell, Odber, George C. John,Jonathan, Samuel,Isaac

Jack was born Sept3,1947 to Betty Hartt & Eugene Howell in Indiana. He died Oct.24, 2004 in Bradenton, Florida. In Military Service: Police sharpshooter He served in Viet Nam 1968-1969 (Saigon and Quinhon. Honorable discharge on August 1. 1973. Jack was a member of the VFW and American Legion. Other positions: Manager, Housekeeping, Luthern Hospital, Fort Wayne, Indiana. His favorite Scripture verse, carried in his wallet: Psalms 21 "He preserveth my soul" Favorite song: You will know them by their Love."
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Courtesy: Tamara Seaman
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