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Maude Alma Hartt
1890 - 1954
Gilbert (husband of Maude) Gilbert, Alfred, Thomas E. Thomas, Thomas A. Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Maude was born 1890 Westfield, Kings County, NB and died in 1954. She married Gilbert Ernest Hartt January 20, 1913 at Main Street Baptist Church, Saint John, NB. Maude was completely dedicated to her family. She was very close to her mother-n-law, Jennie and sister-in-law, Jessie Hartt and active in the Charlotte Street Baptist Church. Children of Maude and Gilbert Hartt: Donald 1913-1978 Lloyd 1919-1991
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Courtesy: Tom Hartt
Cemetery Picture
Courtesy: J. N. Gaudet (Panoramio.com)
St. John West, St. John County
New Brunswick

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