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Mary Bronson Hartt
1873 - 1946
Mary, Charles, Jarvis, Aaron, Samuel Sr. Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Mary was born to Charles Frederick and Lucy Hartt March 23, 1873 in New York. She remained single. She assisted in compiling the Chapin genealogy. Many years she was a special correspondent of Boston Transcript. Mary Bronson Hartt died in New York City, June 28, 1946. She was a magazine writer and edited Museum News for several years. But for unknown reasons, did almost no writing after 1928. (Pg. 38, The New York times, June 30, 1946). Her brother Rollin Lynde Hartt died only 11 days earlier on June 17, 1946.
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Photo of Gravestone
Courtesy: William Bryce

New York, USA

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