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Nelson William Adams
1915 - 2014
Husband of Verna Petersen, dau. Margaret, dau. of Hattie, Mehetable, Thomas, Thomas A. Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Nelson William Adams, BScF, RPF Nelson Adams was born in 1915 in the out port of Arnolds Cove on the south shore of Newfoundland. His career began as a fur trader on Baffin Island, but soon he left to study forestry at the University of New Brunswick. He graduated in 1941, and then entered naval service as captain of an escort Corvette. His service included convoy duty in the North Atlantic, D-Day, and two trips to Mermansk in Northern USSR. Nelson returned to Fredericton to work for the Dominion Forest Service and lectured to many returning veterans at the Maritime Forest Ranger School and at UNB. During these years, Nelson's leadership and example, to forestry practioners began and continued for many classes of students. Highlights include curriculum development and instructions,establishment of research forests and public school demonstration woodlots, and the production of a National Film Board film entitled "Trees are a Crop". In 1956, Nelson entered the private sector, sawmilling and river driving on the Bartholomew River at Blackville on the Miramichi. Nelson's imagination and determination, has developed many industries in New Brunswick from uses of peatmoss to seaweed as well as wood products. Nelson Adams is a role model for all foresters and is truly, "One of New Brunswick's Best". Nelson lived with a native woman in the far north when he was a young man and when he left he didn't know she was pregnant. The son was Willie Adams and he became a member of parliament and had about 7 kids. One of these kids contacted Nelson many years later and he found out he had all these grandkids. He did have his first wife (they had no kids) who passed away and then he married Verna Petersen who had been a good friend of the two of them for many years. Nelson was 79 and Verna was 50 when they married. Willie Adams did not know his father, Nelson, until the two met in Fredericton, New Brunswick, in 1997. Nelson had lived in the North for five years as one of five Newfoundlanders employed by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1931, and had not returned since. Despite the elder Adams having been convinced that the high-profile Willie was his son since 1977, when he read about the younger Adams' appointment to the Senate, he made no attempt to contact him, thinking that "he has his own life." Through family connections, the pair reunited in 1997 His son: Honorable Willie Adams of Kemptville,Ontario
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