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Parker Wesley Nason
1874 - 1967
Parker Wesley, Carrie, Elizabeth, Thomas, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Parker was born 1874 to Carrie(Smith) and Wesley Nason. His mother died when he was ll yrs of age. His father married Hattie Smith. Parker married Grace Mersereau Aigist 25. 1909. They lived in the house on the hill in Fredericton Junction, NB which was built in 1815 by Pioneer Thomas Hartt which was called "Beehive". Parker enjoyed his horses, cows, chickens etc. Once he owned an ugly bull and a cranky rooster which like chasing people. In later year, Parker would sit in his rocking chair by the window and watch everything going by. Victor and Clara Nason's children took turns going over to Parker & Grace's place to pick up milk after school. Every time they went Grace would invite them in and always served cookies and milk. She liked to ask all kinds of questions. Parker and Grace always laughed alot and enjoyed socializing. Children of Grace & Parker Nason: Harold, Roland Harold eventually became the Superintendent of schools for the province of Nova Scotia and Roland moved to Winnipeg and lived his life there. - Each of them had several children.
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Courtesy: Glenna Bell
Photo of Gravestone
Courtesy: Carol King
Cemetery Picture
Courtesy: Carole Dick
Fredericton Junction, York County
New Brunswick

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