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Carrie Goodwin
1890 - 1974
Carrie, Hattie, Mehetable, Thomas, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, isaac

Carrie Celia (Nason) Goodwin was born October 14, 1890 to Hattie (Smith) and Wesley Nason. She became a school teacher and taught school in Fredericton Junction and then she went to teach in Port Elgin, Westmorland, County, NB. It was here that she met and married her husband Mennell Goodwin. They lived on a farm and he may have been a carpenter also as well as a farmer. Both of their sons were born down there. Then Mennell got sick and died at a very young age and Carrie moved back to the Junction when the boys were still young. They lived in part of the Millbrow house with Margaret (Nason) Petersen Later they bought a house in McAdam, NB and she lived there along with her son Bliss until she died. They also had a camp on Oromocto Lake at Tweedside (near Harvey, NB ) She died August 18, 1972 Children of Carrie Nason & Mennell Goodman Bliss 1921-2009, Kensel 1922-1946 The entire family was buried in Gladstone Cemetery, Fredericton Junction, NB
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Courtesy: Glenna Bell
Photo of Gravestone
Courtesy: Glenna Bell
Cemetery Picture
Courtesy: Carole Dick
Fredericton Junction, York County
New Brunswick

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