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Maidie Ellen Nason
1885 - 1961
Wife of John Marshall Nason

Maidie was born to Thomas Victor and Jandet Agnes Rutherford July 1888. She was a school teacher in her home town of Stonewall, Manitoba for a while. She met a handsome teacher, they were married April 16, 1915 to John Marshall Nason in Stonewall,Manitoba. They moved to the US in 1928 as John wanted more education. They stayed in the USA the rest of their lives. Maidie was one of the early movers and shakers in the League of Women Voters and was very outspoken during the Civil Rights movement. In the Berkeley Gazette (newspaper) it mentioned her having colored folks over to tea, at a time when whites generally didn't invite blacks into their homes. She made delicious goodies a lot and played the piano. They had two children: Thomas John Marshall Jr. 1917-2004 and Natane 1916-2005. Maidie died in Berkeley, California in 1961. Two years later Marshall died June 1963 in Alameda, California. Their ashes were sent back home to the Stonewall Memorial Gardens in Manitoba.
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