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Natane Sinclair Nutting
1916 - 2005
Natane, Marshall, Hattie, Mehetable, Thomas, Thomas A. ., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Natane “Tane” Sinclair Nason was born on June 12, 1916 in Stonewall, Manitoba. Her name is a Metis name – half French and half native. Although there should be an accent mark over the E, it is not included here. Tane was married twice and divorced twice. She married her first husband, George Hughes, in Reno, Nevada. They had no children. Tane married again; this time to George F. Nutting. The marriage took place in Richmond, California. George was a jeweller and made many fine pieces of jewelry for her. He passed away in the late 1990s. George and Tane were divorced long before he died. Natane died 2005 One daughter, Nicole Nutting, was born to Natane (Nason)Hughs & George Nutting
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Courtesy: Nicole Nutting
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Courtesy: created by Glenna Bell


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