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Harry D. Peterson
1906 - 1978
Husband of Margaret Kingsley Nason.---Margaret, Hattie, Mehetable, Thomas, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuiel, Isaac Hart

Harry Peterson, as a young man had worked some for the telephone company and the hydro company as a lineman. When he first joined the military he went in as a Provost with the Military Police and spent quite a lot of time in the Saint John, NB Area - probably patrolling our shores. Later, he went overseas with the Signals Corp as he was already trained as a Line man - he knew how to string wire. He went to England first and then he saw action in France, Belgium and Holland. He came home a month after D Day. He was away from home from 1941 - 1945. He was married and had 2 children before going overseas and Margaret lived in the Millbrow house in the Junction at that time. He began working for the railroad sometime after he came back and he may have worked again for the Hydro and/or Telephone Company. They moved around to different places with the Railroad as he worked for the Block Signals to places including: Greenville and Brownville, Maine and Lac Meghantic, PQ. In later life he had a very bad stroke and spent about 5 years in the DVA hospital in Saint John. The family travelled down there regularly to visit him. Children of Harry and Margaret(Nason) Peterson: Richard, Verna, Philip
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Courtesy: Ursula Harris
Photo of Gravestone
Courtesy: Ursula Harris
Cemetery Picture
Courtesy: Carole Dick
Fredericton Junction, York County
New Brunswick

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