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Lina Roxanna Knapp
1894 - 1936
Lina, Newton, Samuel E., Samuel Jr., Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Lina Roxanna Hartt, daughter of Henry and Addie Hartt, born 1894 in Sheridan, Montana. In 1904, the family moved to High River, North West Territories (became Alberta in 1905) Lina married William Knapp in 1916. "Lina attended school at Mossleigh where her dad owned land and later she attended school in Calgary. She had a bright, happy disposition and a lovely expressive voice, which she shared generously with those around her. Many a social evening was enriched with her solos. On her 42nd birthday, Lina died Oct. 7, 1936, while in the hospital after or while she was having surgery, from infection. William died May 30, 1953, at Vancouver, BC and was buried in the Burnsland Cemetery, Calgary, AB beside his wife Lina. Taken from the local history book called "The English Colony" William and Lina had 2 children: Wanda Elrid 1917, Harold Harrison 1918.
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Courtesy: Wilda Manes
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Calgary, Calgary County

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