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Lalia Beatrice Porteous
1890 - 1974
Lalia, Newton, Samuel E.. Samuel Jr., Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Lalia Beatrice was born in Hartland, NB in 1890. April 1891, her parents Henry and Addie Hartt traveled to Sheridan, Montana with Laila age 1, sister Mamie 5 years old and brother Guy 4 years old. They were going to help Judah Hartt on the farm, as he was getting elderly. While in Montana 2 more children were born, Lina in 1894 and Addie Lorraine in 1902. They left Montana in 1904 for High River, North West Territories, which later became Alberta in 1905. Lalia married James Gordon Porteous on December 7, 1910, in Mossleigh, AB. Laila Recalls: 'We bought land, and in the spring of 1916 we sowed our first crop. We had the land plowed and prepared the year we bought; we also drilled a well, built a small house and a barn. When harvest time came, I was the one to go for repairs and even hired men to stook the grain. We hauled all our grain with 4 horses and wagon, and it was a real job too with all the shoveling. We attended church services that were held in the Nightingale schoolhouse. We used our 1912 Cadillac car with the gearshift on the outside to pick up people to go to the hall for church and Sunday school. The car was getting so old, I was ashamed to go to town in it. After a few years the children had to attend school. I took them back to our home in Calgary, but Gordon farmed and kept hired help for a number of years." James & Lalia children are: Wilda Alberta 1912-1985, Rayona Elizabeth 1914- 1987, Gordon Hartt 1915-2004. Lalia died in 1974. Buried in Union Cemetery, Calgary, Alberta. Taken from the local history book called "The English Colony"
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Calgary, Calgary County

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