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Ernest Perley Hartt
1898 - 1978
Ernest, Edward, Thomas E.,Pioneer Thomas, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Ernest Perley Hartt was born October 23, 1898 to Edward and Susan (Duchesnay) Hartt of Fredericton Junction, Sunbury County, New Brunswick. In both 1914-1915, at age 16 and 17, Ernest ventured west to Saskatchewan on the harvest excursion trains. He returned west to stay in the spring of 1919, working at first near Saskatoon, In the fall of 1920 caught up in the optimism and opportunism at the beginning of the Roaring Twenties, he visited his two sisters and their husbands, farmers at Fairy Glen and stayed on in the district. Five years later he married Grace Conacher on November 25th 1925, bought more land, moved on to the new farm and then found to their good fortune that a railroad line was to be developed through the district near them in 1928, They raised their 7 healthy children through the lean and tough "Dirty Thirty" years. They instilled in each one some strong sense of work ethic, social conscience, sport-minded conscience and a balanced financial budget. During the early 1940's they built a larger house and switched to mechanical farming. Throughout his farming career at Fairy Glen,Saskatchewan, Ernest enjoyed serving on the committees, always with the conviction the farm community needed support close at hand. Ernest and Grace moved into Melfort, Saskatchewan Canada in 1974, He died February 23, 1978 Children of Grace (Conacher) and Ernest Perley Hartt: John, Harry 1928-1985, Allen, Jean, Cecil, Ralph 1935-1995, Aleck
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