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Elizabeth (Bessie) B eatrice Jamison
1902 - 1964
Elizabeth (Bessie) Edward, Thomas E. Thomas, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Bessie was born Elizabeth Bernice Hartt in Fredericton Junction, NB, on August 6, 1902 to Edward and Susie Hartt. As a teenager she followed her sister Mary Person out west. She came to Prince Albert, SK, and stayed with her Uncle Harry Perkins and finished her high school and went on to take her Normal school as her sister did. While teaching school at Clapton,Saskatchewan, she met and married Deloses Jamison on December 28, 1923, and settled into farming. She became an avid gardener and farmer, as Deloses soon bought another farm at Aylsham leaving her to farm the first one. It was a pretty farm with lots of bush and the Carrot River running through one corner. There were lots of wild berries to pick but the berries soon dwindled as the land was cleared in the late 1930ís and early 1940ís. Bessie planted many fruit trees and when she had preserved what she wanted she would come to Fairy Glen and get sister Mary Person and her family to pick what they wanted. Bessie loved flowers and always had a yard full of prize-winning specimens. She belonged to the Melfort Horticulture Society for many years and was a great contributor to their annual flower and vegetable show winning many trophies.Bessie loved to cook and entertain friends to sumptuous meals and tea parties. Everyone liked to go to her place for one or the other. She was an avid reader and participated in many goings on in the district. She was a board member of the Mount Forest Telephone Exchange and was always willing to help out on any endeavor in the district. In 1951, she rented the farm out and moved into Melfort where she purchased a house. She decided to take up painting as a hobby and also photography and continued on with her first love, gardening.In 1963, she sold the farm to Erma and Lloyd Reeder. Shortly after her health failed and she died October 1964. They had one child Gertrude E. Jamison who was born in 1923 and died as an infant.
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