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Frederick Francis Spaziani
1942 - 1991
Frederick, Mildred, Albert. Walter. Albert,John, John, Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Frederick Francis was the third son born to Mildred Hartt & Philip Spaziani. As a young boy he was so thin people called him "Fat Fred." He married Patricia Newell of Paris, Me. Frederick was a founding partner and Vice President of NOVA Biomedical, Waltham Ma and of HNU Inc, Newton, MA. Fred and his partner prospered, built nice homes and indulged in long put-off dreams. Fred's dream was sailing. He spent all his spare time on the ocean soaking up the sun. He did not protect himself from the sun and neglected a mole growth on his back. In February of 1991, he was diagnosed as having melanoma. He died December of 1991 leaving a good estate to his wife and two children. He left small bequests to his 2 brothers & sister. Children of Mildred Hartt & Frederick Spaziani: Frederick Arnold & Leo Joel
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Courtesy: Philip Spaziano
Photo of Gravestone
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Watham,, Middlesex County

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