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Mary Etta Greenlaw
1866 - 1913
Mary Etta, Aaron, Thomas. Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Mary Etta married Gilman King Greenlaw at the residence of her brother Capt. W. Dell Hartt Sep. 4, 1889. She was a school teacher in Fredericton for a while. NB. Along with her husband they owned G.K. Greenlaw Dominion Express County in St. Andrews, NB. She loved to paint landscape pictures of the sea. A painting is still in the family to this day. Mary Etta died supposedly from an ulcer, December 5, 1913. She was respected and loved during her short life. Both Mary Etta and Gilman are buried in Rural Cemetery at St. Andrews, NB. Children of Mary Etta Hartt and Gilman Greenlaw are: Maud 1892-1970, Harold 1894-1963, William Dell 1896-1973, Muriel 1898-1900, Rupert King 1900-1969, Mary 1902-1975
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Courtesy: Adrienne Kaufman
Photo of Gravestone
Courtesy: Adrienne Kaufman
Cemetery Picture
Courtesy: J. N. Gaudet (Panoramio.com)
Saint Andrews, Charlotte County
New Brunswick

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