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Lottie Avis Nason
1911 - 1981
Wife of Dana Nason

Lottie Avis Tracy was born 1911 to Earl & Thaxter (Currie) Tracy. She married Dana Smith Nason March 25, 1932 in Fredericton Junction, NB. Lottie was a member of the United Baptist Church, Eastern Star and the Blissville Gladstone Senior Citizens Organization. Lottie had premonitions or clairvoyant dreams and would keep her kids home from school after one if she thought they were in jeopardy. She was the historian of the family- kept all the records. Now her daughter Shirley Porter has taken over the job. Lottie died in her home Sunday, January 11, 1981. She had 10 grandchildren at the time of her death. Her funeral was held at the United Baptist Church, Fredericton Junction, NB with Rev. Eustace Marshall officiating. Buried in Gladstone Cemetery, Fredericton Junction, NB They had 7 children: Karl D., Shirley E., James Hugh, Hilda Eileen, Edwin Wesley, Lynn Afred and Noreen 1953-1953 died during child birth.
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Photo of Gravestone
Courtesy: Glenna Bell
Cemetery Picture

Fredericton Junction,, Sunbury County
New Brunswick

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