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Phebe A. Hartt
1877 - 1904
Phobe, Henry, Samuel Jr., Samuel Sr. Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Phobe A. Hartt was born December 20, 1877 to Henry and Phebe Hartt. She became a school teacher. All of a sudden she took sick at school and told her students she might not be back. March 5, 1904, she passed away at age 27 yrs. Written in a letter by Albert (Bertrand )Hartt "Was it not Cousin Phebe who was taken ill and died while teaching school in New Brunswick, funeral services for whom I attended in Jacksontown while pastor in Houlton, Maine-.? It was during that service that Uncle Henry, standing beside the casket of his daughter, gave a ringing testimony to the power of Christ to save and keep. I had never before, nor have I since, heard such a testimony given at such a time, nor, under any circumstances a more soul-moving witnesses for the Saviour."
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Courtesy: Carole Dick
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Courtesy: Carole Dick
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Waterville, Carleton County
New Brunswick

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