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Frederick Charles Hartt
1914 - 1991
Frederick, Rollin,Charles F.,Jarvis, Aaron, Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Frederick Charles was born May 22, 1914 in Boston to Rollin Lynde and Jessie (Knight) Hartt. In 1917 the family moved to Staten Island where his mother died when Fred was only 3 yrs of age. Two years later his father married Helen Harrington. Fred became a loner in high school because he wasn't good in sports and liked spending his free time in study of Art and Architecture on his own He became fascinated by the architecture of the French Gothic Cathedrals. Paper: Boston Globe, The (MA) FREDERICK HARTT 1914-1991 ART HISTORIAN AND RENAISSANCE SCHOLAR; AT 77 WASHINGTON -- Renaissance scholar and art historian Frederick Hartt died Thursday November 2, 1991 at a Washington hospital of a heart ailment. He was 77 years old. Mr. Hartt was chairman of the art department at the University of Virginia from 1967 to 1976 and art department chairman at the University of Pennsylvania from 1960 to 1965. He worked at galleries at Yale University and Smith College and was a lecturer on fine arts at New York University's Washington Square College. He was on the art history faculty at Washington University in St. Louis and was a visiting scholar at Harvard University, Franklin and Marshall College and Baylor University. Mr. Hartt wrote 13 books on art history and, at the time of his death, was working on three books on Michelangelo. He spent much of his life studying the Renaissance master and had already written five books on the subject. One of Mr. Hartt's most recent accomplishments was writing the text for a $1,000-per-copy book on the restored Sistine Chapel ceiling, featuring detailed color photographs of Michelangelo's frescoes. Fred's ashes to be interned at the Church of San Miniato al Monte. The Italian embassy was contacted in Washington in order to take the ashes into Italy. After three months of negotiations, the internment takes place with Fred's remaining wartime friends attending, the entire Corsini family, and a small group of friends from Washington. The mayor of Florence arranges for full honors of the city with the trumpet core in medieval costume. Fred's parish priest from Washington gives the eulogy. The following day a symposium is held at the Palazzo Vecchio to honor Fred. Students and art history colleagues give papers dedicated to Fred, the art historian, friends, and man who loved art, Italian art, with a great passion. A single white slab of marble covers his resting place. Additional info searched by Brian Moisson Frederick Hartt (1914–1991) was an American professor of History of Art at the University of Virginia. His books include Art: A History of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture (two volumes) and Italian Renaissance Art, Michelangelo (Masters of Art Series), The Sistine Chapel and The Renaissance in Italy and Spain (Metropolitan Museum of Art Series). Born in Boston, he received his PhD from New York University's Institute of Fine Arts in 1950. In World War II, Hartt was an officer in the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives Division of the US Army and received a Bronze Star. He was also made an honorary citizen of Florence, and was decorated with the Knight's Cross by the Italian government. [edit] References[edit] Sources Kleinbauer, W. Eugène (1989). Modern perspectives in Western art history: an anthology of twentieth-century writings on the visual arts; Volume 25 of Medieval Academy reprints for teaching. University of Toronto Press, 1989. p. 293. ISBN 0-8020-6708
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