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Phobe A. Hartt
1843 - 1920
Wife of Rev. Henry Hartt son of Rev. Samuel Hartt Jr.

Phebe Smith Hartt was born August 31, 1843, in Blissville, NB. Her parents were Daniel and Phebe(Hartt) Smith. Phebe made a hard working minister's wife. She would often go with her husband on visitation. She was an excellent housekeeper and had her daughters work along with her getting the place in ship shape for when the Convention of ministers come to their place. Later in life she was very sickly which made it hard on her daughters as they wanted to get their education but had to stay home and keep the farm and house chores going . The daughters did finally get their education so they could teach school. Florence went to India as a missionary for 40 yrs. and Caroline went to Alberta and taught school got married and stayed. The other children died in their infancy or young adulthood . They had a son Bedford who was a big help on the farm. He liked to go to Alberta to visit his sister, but always returned to New Brunswick. Pearl married and lived in Alberta a short time before she died in child birth 1915. Children of Henry & Phebe (Smith) Hartt: Florence 1872-1957, Caroline 1873-1945, Harry 1874- 1898, Nettie 1875-1878, Phebe 1877-1904, Arthur 1879-1879, Bedford 1883-1969, Pearl 1885-1915.
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Courtesy: Carole Dick
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Courtesy: Carole Dick
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Waterville, Carleton County
New Brunswick

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