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Matilda Loretta Hartt
1855 - 1902
Wife of Odber Miles Hartt

Matilda Loretta Kilburn She was born on Jan. 16, 1855 and died Sept. 8, 1902. Loretta is buried in the Kingsclear-Kilburn Cemetery with infant Franklin K. Hartt. She was originally buried on the Kilburn farm, but when the Mactaquac Dam was constructed, many homes disappeared under the new head pond and cemetery had to be relocated to higher ground. When Odber Miles and Loretta returned to live in Fredericton about 1897, they lived on York Street where the Hartt Boot and Shoe Factory Co. Ltd was constructed in 1899. Two years after Loretta died, he sold his share of the factory, and moved back to the USA in 1904. They were Free Christian Baptist people. Odber's name is on the gravestone in NB but he actually was buried in the Old Dutch Cemetery area of Sleepy Hallow Cemetery, Tarrytown, N. Y. Chldren of Odber Miles and Loretta (Kilburn) Hartt: Harry Dell, 1891-1965; Benjamin Franklin, 1882-1882; Wilbur Miles, 1879-1966; Jennie, 1883-1885; Margaret Maud, 1883-1966; Frank K., 1886-1888; Mabel Idella, 1899-1994; Hazel Loretta, 1895-1957; Frederick, 1892-1892; Etta May, 1889-1891; and Odber Ray, 1893-1970.
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Courtesy: Diana Cowland
Photo of Gravestone
Courtesy: Diana Cowland
Cemetery Picture
Courtesy: Diana Cowland
Kingsclear, York
New Brunswick

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