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Charlotte Amanda Hartt
1860 - 1940
Wife of David Wellington Hartt

Charlotte Adams was born 1860 in Lincoln, NB. She married David Wellington Hartt May 5, 1881. There was 17 yrs difference in their ages. They were Free Christian Baptist people. They had 6 children. All the daughters became school teachers. Charlotte Amanda Hartt died in 1940 , 39 years after her husband David W. Children of Amanda (Adams)& David Wellington Hartt: Thomas 1882-1950, George 1886-?, Adeline 1884-1975, Olive 1890-1942, Zelda 1894- 1991,Charlotte 1896-1970.
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Courtesy: Patricia Westerson
Photo of Gravestone
Courtesy: Glenna Bell
Cemetery Picture
Courtesy: Carole Dick
Fredericton Junction, York County
New Brunswick

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