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Henry (Rev) Hartt
1844 - 1918
Henry, Samuel Jr. Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Rev. Henry Hartt was a minister with the Primative Baptist. He got his license to preach in 1876 and was ordained at Woodstock, NB, October 9, 1879. He visited many small places around New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to establish churches. He is remembered as a humble, peaceable man. He married Phebe Smith February 9, 1871. Henry and Phobe had 8 children. Two died in infancy, 3 in young adulthood, Henry & Phoebe were 2nd cousins. The children and their mother plus a hired man ran the Hartt farm which was in the family for 100 years. Children were: Flora 1872-1957, Caroline 1873-1945 Harry 1874-1898, Nettie 1875-1878, Phebe 1877-1904, Arthur 1879-1879, Bedford 1883-1969, Pearl 1885-1915.
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Courtesy: Carole Dick
Photo of Gravestone
Courtesy: Carole Dick
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Waterville, Carleton County
New Brunswick

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