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Murray Hart
1899 - 1961
Murray, George, Charles, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, Samuel, Isaac

Murray Endicott Hart was born to George Pierpont and Margaret Hartt November 8, 1899 in Belleview Florida. He served as a Marine in W.W. I. He married Jessie Inez Sweatt December 1922. Murray used to work for Singer Sewing Machine Company and that during the depression years he would be contacted by people who needed small machines repaired and he would travel to their homes to repair the machines and the people would pay him with eggs, chickens, guineas or whatever they raised on their farms. Murray and Jessie Inez lived in a log cabin house that he built in Providence, NC. They divorced in the middle to late 30's and he moved to Florida, where he remarried and lived until his death in l961. Jessie Inez Hart continued to live in the log cabin house until she became to ill to care for herself and she moved in with her daughter, Elizabeth around 1975-76. Children of Murray and Jessie Hart are: Murray Elizabeth, Helen Virginia, Sarah Kimball.
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Courtesy: Joan Haynes
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Courtesy: Stanley Orrell
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Holly Hill, Volusia County

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