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Earl Wilmot Hartt
1893 - 1959
Earl, Sanford, Matthew, Jonathan, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Earl Wilmot Hartt, the eldest son of Alice and Sanford Y. Hartt, born May 18, 1893, in Nebraska. He married Vivian Josephine Purinton , August 28. 1918, in Washington, DC I recently came across a wonderful letter sent to his parents letting them know he had gotten married - it was wartime - the letter mentions not sending a telegram because then the operator would know the news before they did and spread it all over town. They were still located in Nebraska at the time and soon moved to Florida with S. Y. Hartt, his wife Grace and I am not sure who else. Grand daughter: Jane Children of Vivian Purinton & Earl Hartt are: Jane Coombs Hartt, B. November 08, 1921. Sanford Paul Hartt, B. February 21, 1924 - D. March 9,2007
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Avon Park, Highlands County

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