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David Thomas Hartt
1848 - 1900
David T., Thomas, Thomas A, Jonathan, Samuel,Isaac

David Thomas Hartt was born Nov. 28, 1848, Northumberland, NB, to David & Margaret Hartt. He married Ada McKenzie (1860-1953). David stood 6 feet 6 inches and was nicknamed “Long David.” He and his wife left the farm in the late 1800’s and undertook the operation of a general store in a large building he had built in the angle between the Fredericton Branch of the railway and the main road. The store occupied the ground floor of the building and the family’s living quarters were on the upper floors. David Thomas died on Nov. 22, 1900, and Ada in 1953. David and Ada are both buried in Gladstone Cemetery, Fredericton Junction,NB Children of David & Ada Hartt: Ina 1884-1946, D. Cuthbert 1887-1890, Margaret 1892-1986,
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Fredericton Junction,, Sunbury County
New Brunswick

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