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William Jefferson Burge
1860 - 1912
Husband of Julina Wimbourne

William was the son of Wylie and Martha Wisdom Burge and may have been their first child who was born on July 12, 1860. William was not quite 2 years old when his father enlisted in May of 1862 in the army of the Confederate States of America. After the war, in about 1867, his parents, William and his brother, Wylie, moved from Whitesville, Harris Co, GA to Jackson Co, AL. He grew up in this area, on a farm, where he lived until his marriage. William J. Burge met Julina to whom he was married on August 21, 1883, at Woodville, Alabama. They came to Fort Lupton, Colorado in September 1883 and established a home two miles west of Fort Lupton at what is known as the old Burge home. (This home is located at the foot of Burge Hill on the south side of the road.) (William G. Winbourn, William's father-in-law) ". . . welcomed him into his home. The son-in-law got on the old man's nerves and Winbourn decided to put him to breaking wild horses, in which Winbourn made a specialty. Burge, a mule specialist, knew very little about horses, and the first wild team that he hitched up ran away and threw him out of the wagon, breaking both legs at the ankle. When W. G. came home, he found his son-in-law in bed in the front room, and after a couple of months of this close association, his father-in-law decided as a matter of self protection to stake Burge to a dry-land farm. Twenty years later, Burge had more real money than his father-in-law, owned most of the farms in his neighborhood, and had brought into being a lot of sturdy sons to help till them". December 16, 1912: "Will" died unexpectedly in San Antonio, Bexar Co, Texas. While in Corpus Christi, Texas about two weeks before he died, he became ill, but seemed to be improving. They were on their way home when he was taken to the hospital in San Antonio where he died. Seven of his 10 living children were minors at the time. After the services at the church the remains were given to the Masonic Lodge of which Mr. Burge was a member. The ceremony given by the local lodge was very impressive, about 45 masons being in procession with the members of the Eastern Star to lead the procession. The coffin which held the remains was banked with lovely floral offerings as a token of the friendship which existed between Mr. Burge and his many friends. Children of Julina (Winbourn) & Will J. Burge: Wiley Winbourn 1885-1950, Lee Hamilton 1886-1901, Walter Tracy 1888-1946, William Marvin 1891, infant son 1892-1892, infant daughter 1893, infant daughter 1894, Thomas Fisher 1895-1976, Albert Clark 1898 -1960, Pearl 1900-1961, Floyd Wisdom 1902-1968, Francis Woodall 1904 1948, Dennis Allen 1906-1985, Norman Brown 1908-1970.
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