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Mary Polly Hart
1772 - 1854
wife of Daniel Hart Jr.

Polly was born 1772, a daughter of Samuel and Sarah (French) Marshall. Daniel married Mary (Polly)Marshall in Lunenburg, Massachusetts on September 13, 1798. Daniel Hart Jr. settled at Townsend, Massachusetts, worked as a farmer, and died on June 15, 1823 age 49. Polly died Dec. 21, 1854, at age 80 years. Children of Daniel & Polly were: Samuel 1799-1856, John 1800-1854, Hannah 1804- ?, Mary 1806-1862, Lincoln 1810-?, Daniel 1812-1833, Isaac 1811-1820 (6 yrs) Eri 1816-1820 (4yrs)
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Photo of Gravestone
Courtesy: C. Fitzgerald
Cemetery Picture

Townsend, Middlesex County

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