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Adam Hawkes
1605 - 1672
Adam Hawkes married Anne Hutchinson whose daughter was Elizabeth, Isaac Hart's wife.

On arrival in America, Adam Hawkes first settled in Charlestown in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, where he was a husbandman. There he married Anne (Brown) Hutchinson, a widow with four sons and a daughter, ( mother of Isaac Hart's wife, Elizabeth Hutchinson. These children grew up in the household of Adam and Anne Hawkes, and all were named in the settlement of Adamís estate following his death. On January 10, 1635/6 Adam sold his four acres of planting ground at Charlestown to N. Easton and J. Sibley. The family was next heard of in Saugus, an agricultural community about eight miles to the north. We do not know whether the family made the journey by boat up the meandering Saugus River or overland by ancient Indian trails or perhaps a rough, newly laid road. Either way, it must have been a real undertaking with his wife and two infants and five step children as well as the livestock, the household goods, and the farm implements! He had sold his property in Charlestown in 1635 and he received land in the first division in Lynn. In 1930 a marker was placed by the Massachusetts Bay Tercentenary Commission near the site of his first habitation at the intersection of what is now the Newburyport Turnpike and Walnut Street in North Saugus. It reads ďAdam Hawkes, the first white settler in Saugus built on this site about 1630. President John Adams was his grandson.Ē Further, John Adams, President of the United States of America, may be more accurately shown to be Adamís great great great grandson. (Sign shown has it recorded incorrectly.)
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Lynn, Essex County

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