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Daniel Hart
1774 - 1823
Daniel, Daniel, John Jr., John, Samuel, Isaac

Daniel Hart Jr. was born in 1772 and died on June 15, 1823 in Townsend, Massachusetts, son of Daniel and Bethiah Mackintire Hart. He married Mary (Polly) Marshall in Lunenburg, Massachusetts on September 13, 1798. Polly was the daughter of Samuel Marshall and Sarah French. Daniel Hart Jr. settled at Townsend, Massachusetts, worked as a farmer, and died on June 15, 1823. Polly died Dec. 21, 1854, at age 80 years. They are both buried at the Townsend cemetery. Children of Daniel and Polly Hart: Samuel 1799-1856, John 1800-1854, Hannah 1804- ?, Mary 1806-1862, Lincoln 1810-?, Daniel 1812-1833, Isaac M. 1814- 1820, Eri L. 1816 1820. The two last children died a week a part which must have been a very sad time for this family.
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Townsend, Middlesex County

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