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Aaron Samuel Hartt
1820 - 1879
Aaron S., Aaron, Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Aaron Samuel Hartt was born April 16, 1820 to Aaron and Charlotte (Estey) Hartt in Spring Hill, York County, New Brunswick. Aaron had two brothers, Jarvis and Richard, and six sisters, Mary, Sarah, Frances, Charlotte, Caroline and Hannah. He married Catherine Susanna Dayton on May 11, 1848, in Douglas, York County, New Brunswick. Catherine was born April 22, 1828, in Douglas. She died August 5, 1875, of consumption. Aaron was a teacher of Latin, Greek, and English. The family lived in York County, New Brunswick and were members of the local Baptist Church. One of his one-room schools was just outside Woodstock, Carleton County, New Brunswick. He also taught school in York County with a second class teacher's license. Aaron died 1879. Although there are no records currently available to prove it, it is likely that both Aaron Samuel Hartt and Catherine Susanna Hartt were buried in the Douglas Rural Cemetery.
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Douglas, York County
New Brunswick

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