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Frank Stone Hart
1875 - 1935
Frank, Charles, Halloway, Ebenezer, Ebenezer, Samuel, Samuel, Isaac

Frank Stone Hart was born May 31, 1875 in Bradford Township, Lee County, Illinois. He was the second son of Charles Dwight Hart and Katherine Stow Hart. Frank was a farmer. He was of medium height, stocky build, and had grey eyes and hair according to a military registration card from the first World War. At that time, he was 43 years old. Frank married Emma Wagner on November 10, 1901. The couple had three sons: Raymond Dwight, 1903; Richard Wagner, 1909-2007; and Frank Stanley, 1911-2002.
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Courtesy: Steve Hart
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Courtesy: Debra Richards Toms

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Ashton, Lee County

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