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Cora Bridget Tice
1873 - 1934
Wife of Saul Solomon Tice

Cora was born March 4 1873, daughter of William "Henry" and Julia Depell Ferguson in Brockway Twp., Yale, Michigan. They lived in the house to the west of the Tice Family. Cora married Saul Solomon Tice on July 3, 1893. Seven children were born to Saul & Cora. Cora became sick and went to Detroit to get treatments. She stayed with with her daughter there and passed away at 60 yrs of age on March 1, 1934. She was a devoted Christian since 1918, upon confession of faith, united with the M. P. church of Yale, Michigan. A poem that was written regarding Cora's passing: With a lingering wave, A patient smile, She left this world of care, To rest her head on Jesus' breast and wait our coming there. Children names are: Harry 1896-1898, Hilton 1898-1990, Bernice 1900-1984, Mildred 1902-1985, Donald 1904-1960, Clifford 1907-1960, Helen 1915-2000.
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Courtesy: Mary Doederlein
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Courtesy: Mary Doederlein
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Yale, St. Clair County

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