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Saul Solomon Tice
1868 - 1948
Saul, Jonathan Tice, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Saul was born June 12, 1868 in Mecosta, Michigan, his obituary credits his birth to Yale, Michigan. Saul died October 1, 1948 in Wayne, Michigan at the age of 80. (His Obit says Detroit). He married his neighbor, Cora Bridget Ferguson, July 3, 1893 in Lynn Township, Michigan. She was born March 4, 1873 in Brockway Township, Yale, Michigan. They first lived in his parents' house that his father, Jonathan, built; it is where they had raised their six children. Saul got dementia and would walk away..."going back to the North Woods." At 80 yrs of age, Saul passed away in Wayne County General Hospital, Detroit after a short illness in 1948. Children of Saul and Cora Tice are: Harry 1896-1898, Hilton 1898-1990, Bernice 1900-1984, Mildred 1902-1985, Donald 1904-1960,Clifford 1907-1960, Helen 1915-2000.
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Courtesy: Mary Doederlein
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Yale, St. Clair County

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