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Mildred Blanche Lakin
1902 - 1985

Mildred Blanche Tice was born September 04, 1902 in Lynn Twp, St. Clair Cty., near Yale, Michigan, and died June 26, 1985 in Marina del Rey, California--Age 82. She survived Breast Cancer. Mildred married George Henry Lakin Jr. December 31, 1927. He was born September 15, 1902 in Oldbury, England to George & Hannah Lakin. and died May 23, 1978 in Dearborn, Michigan--Age 75 with conjestive heart failure. The daughters of George Henry Lakin, Jr. (Diane & Judith) have supported the Ellis Island Foundation for many years, including having had their father's name inscribed in marble on the list of immigrants who have come through that entry port.
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Photo of Gravestone
Courtesy: Mary Doederlein
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Yale, St. Clair County

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