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Flavius Alemendo Hart
1849 - 1918
Flavius, Sylvester, George, Zerubbable, John, Samuel, Isaac

Flavius Alemendo Hart was born December 2, 1849 in Carlisle Township, Lorain County, Ohio. He was the last child born to Sylvester and Relief (Baldwin) Hart. Flavius married twice. In 1877, he married his first wife, Olive A. Crane; that marriage resulted in a divorce. Flavius married his second wife, Jennie Bell Morris, in 1903. Flavius was well-known in Oberlin, Ohio. After being educated in Oberlin's public school system, he attended Oberlin College. After graduation, he read law for a while and also ran a farm for many years. In 1893, Flavius was appointed the Oberlin Postmaster by president Cleveland. For three years, he owned and operated a furniture factory and store in Oberlin. Flavius A. Hart's furniture store was at 29 South Main (24 before a number conversion) from 1883-1895. The store was named Hart & Sperry furniture from 1894 to 1904 and Hart & Vincent from 1904 to 1907. He sold the business to Mr. Vincent Maddock. Flavius died April 22, 1918 in Lorain County, Ohio. Children of Flavius and Olive Crane Hart: Burton L., 1878; Merton Simeon, 1880; and Eugene Crane, 1884. Children of Flavius and Jenny Morris Hart: Henry Sylvester, 1906-1969; and Arthur Morris, 1908-1990.
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Carlisle Township, Lorain County

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