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Julia Adora Hart
1844 - 1925
Wife of John Baldwin Hart (John, Sylvester, George, Zerubbable, John, Samuel, Isaac

Julia Adora Preston was born 1846 to John Preston and Eunice Carr. She married John Baldwin Hart on April 21, 1875 a Wednesday evening at the residence of her parents, No. 5 North Pleasant Street, Oberlin, Ohio by Rev. H.H. Bawden of Toledo Ohio. Julia died in 1925. Together they had 4 children: Helen Augusta 1876-1941, Sylvester 1879 (stillborn), Grace Relief 1880-1957 and Roy Yandell Preston Hart 1883-1944.
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Courtesy: Deb. Brushaber
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Courtesy: Deb. Brushaber
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Toledo, Lucas County

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