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Charles Harold Hartt
1895 - 1989
Harold, Edward, Thomas E. Thomas, Thomas A. Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac)

Harold was born October 1, 1895. to Edward and Susan Duchesnay Hartt. A story is told that Harold one day took a pick axe while talking with two of his friends, John McLaughlin and Bliss Nason and began picking in a bit of depression. He broke through three or four inches of shale and discovered what proved to be a fourteen inch, coal seam, the thickest ever found locally. A large pit was dug and as the coal was removed it was thrown into a bin where it could be seen for years as little was ever taken away. They found the presence of shale and other adulterants rendered the coal of inferior quality, incapable of producing a clean, hot fire. Coal mining in the Fredericton vicinity has proved to be most disappointing. Mother Susan and Hal both lived with Clara Nason for some years. Hal moved to the White Rapids Nursing Home in Fredericton Junction before he died. Being an old bachelor, he was hooked on nursing home life after he was given his first bed bath by the nurses. Hal died November 2, 1989. Hal is buried in the Gladstone Cemetery on Pride’s Landing Road, Fredericton Junction, NB.
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Courtesy: Glenna Bell
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Courtesy: Byron Hartt

Fredericton Junction, Sunbury
New Brunswick

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