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John (Rev.) Hartt
1830 - 1904
Rev. John, Rev. Samuel, Rev. Samuel, Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Rev. John was a son of Rev. Samuel & Mary (Estey) Hartt born March 20, 1839 in Wakefield, Carleton County, NB. Rev. John Hartt was a Baptist Minister in New Brunswick, Maine, and Nova Scotia. Rev. John married Clarissa E. Hammond on Dec. 24, 1857 and had one child, Irene, who died at a month old. Clarissa died on Aug. 2st 1862, at age of 39. He then married Amanda Caroline Kelly on August 8, 1868 in Alva Aaroostook, Maine. Amanda gave birth to a son Judah Frank Hartt on July 29, 1869. A couple weeks later Amanda died Aug 2, 1869 at Castle Hill, Maine. She was buried in Kelly Cemetery, Fredericton Junction, NB. His third wife was Rebecca L. Kelly, a sister to Amanda. Together they had another son John Kelly Hartt in Maine. Rev. John had a remarkable memory. He could recite portions of the New Testament by heart. He was a forceful speaker, who was capable of dealing with any disturbance that arose while he was preaching. After 1858, Rev. John donated 50 acres so the Larlee Creek Baptist Church could be built on the parcel of land. The Larlee Creek Cemetery is located on grounds surrounding the Larlee Creek Baptist Church, located a few kilometers below Perth-Andover, New Brunswick, on the eastern side of the Saint John River. East Riverside, Kilburn, New Brunswick, Canada. Cemetery records: Hartt, John, Rev. Feb. 6, 1904, age 74 yrs, his wife, Rebecca S., Dec 13, 1908, 75 yrs. Child of John & Clarissa (Hammond) Hartt - Irene Hammond 1858-1858 Child of John & Amanda (Kelly) Hartt- Judah Frank 1869-1930 Child of John & Rebecca (Kelly) Hartt- John Kelly 1871-1952
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Perth, Victoria County
New Brunswick

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