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William Charles Hartt
1851 - 1940
William Charles, Aaron Samuel, Aaron, Samuel Sr. Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

William Charles Hartt was born June 20, 1851, at Woodstock, NB. to Aaron Samuel & Catherine (Dayton) Hartt. He married Letitia Ann Wilson of Derby, Northlumberland, NB, on May 20, 1885. Letitia was born in 1851 and died Feb. 10, 1941, in Tacoma, Washington. William Charles worked as a log surveyor (scaler), bookkeeper, and accountant for logging companies in NB before moving to the States. They left Blacksville, NB in November of 1887 for Stillwater, Minnesota and in 1889 they moved to White Birch, Wisconsin. In 1898 he moved Letitia and six children to Tacoma, Washington where his sister Annie as she had invited them. He worked where he could, and did not get to Tacoma himself until June of 1900. Charlie lived his faith and belief in God. Roy, his son wrote the following, "In 1901, father was able to get work at the Northern Pacific Railway shop sorting scrap metals in South Tacoma and later got some clerical work, and, even later, became clerk of the boiler shop, which he retained until they retired him at 73 years of age. My Father and Mother were devout Christians, and I thank God for their Godly influence on all of us children; for we had Bible reading and prayer at the breakfast table in the morning and also after supper in the evening, and at each time we sang one or two hymns, which have stayed with me to this day, and I love to sing them over today. This was a wonderful heritage which they left me, and I thank God for it today. At work, my father would organize a Bible study group who would meet during one noon hour per week, and study the Word of God, as well as preach on the streets and in halls and churches when given the opportunity. A story is recalled by Eva Miller. "When my sister Betty was born in 1917, she was very sickly and the doctor said she would not live through the night. Uncle Charlie came to his niece Silvia’s home and stood beside that baby’s crib and prayed. All day and all night he stood beside that crib and prayed. That sick baby is now 86 years old, and sincerely feels that Uncle Charlie’s love and prayers are why she has lived a full and productive life.” He died May 14, 1940, at 88 years of age (nearly 89), but happy in our wonderful Lord and Saviour. Children of William Charles & Letitia (Wilson) Hartt: Eliza Wilson 1886-1894, Harold Bruce 1887-1970, Charles Frederick 1889-1910, Frank Leslie 1890-1969, Katherine Margaret 1891-1950, Paul Allen 1892-1963, David Roy 1894-1993.
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Tacoma, Pierce County

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