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Alice Maude Hartt
1861 - 1927
Wife of Thomas Hartt

Alice Greenlaw was the daughter of Moses Greenlaw and Charlotte E. 'Sally' Thomas. Alice was born September 19, 1861. On September 19, 1882, she married Thomas Aaron Hartt, a teacher, at the Presbyterian Church in Waweig, St. Croix Parish, Charlotte County, New Brunswick. She died May 6, 1927. In 1928, Thomas married Mabel Nina Craig of St. Andrews, New Brunswick. Thomas died Juy 13, 1930. Maude and Thomas had two children: Charlotte Winifred, 1878-1951; Percy Perley, 1887-1955. Charlotte married Dr. James Frederick Worrall, D.D.S. of St. Andrews, NB. Their son, Percy, became a doctor in Maryland, and Michigan. He doctored overseas in the Canadian Army.
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Saint Andrews, Charlotte County
New Brunswick

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