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Daniel Edward Smith
1802 - 1861
Husband of Phebe Hartt

Daniel Edward Smith was born on November 8, 1802, and died October 24, 1861. His parents were Clapman (1761-1843) and Susanah (Baily) (1775-1856) Smith. The Smith family came to New Brunswick from the U. S. in 1783 with their two sons, Daniel Jr. and Clapman Jr. Smith settled in the Hoyt valley. Daniel married Phebe Hartt on December 18, 1835 by Thomas O. Miles, J.P., in the presence of George Hayward and Samuel Smith. Daniel's occupation was lumbering. He was a Deacon in the Baptist church they attended. Daniel is said to have died of cancer. He first had his hand amputated, and then his arm. He died October 24, 1861. The present church building at Blissville was built in 1860-61, and his was the first funeral to take place in the new building. The pews had not been installed and the congregation was seated on planks supported on wooden blocks. Both Daniel and Phebe are buried in Blissville United Baptist Cemetery, Sunbury Co. NB. Children of Daniel and Phebe (Hartt) Smith Thomas E. 18361897, Daniel E. 1837-1921, Rebekah J. 1839-1899, Elizabeth 1842-1916, Phebe A. 18441920, George W. 1845-1854, William Dell 18471927, Bedford H., 1849-1915, Mariah Olive 1852-1924.
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Photo of Gravestone
Courtesy: Glenna Bell
Cemetery Picture

Blissville, Sunbury County
New Brunswick

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