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Minnie Pearl Hartt
1882 - 1972
John, John, Samuel Jr., Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Minnie Pearl Spragg was born July 29, 1882 in St. John, New Brunswick to her parents, Arthur and Matilda (Roberts) Spragg.Minnie attended Normal school and taught for several years.She married John Kelly Hartt in 1909 in St. John, New Brunswick. The newlyweds honeymooned at Niagara Falls, Ontario. Minnie got quite a "culture shock" when she stepped off the train in Rawlins, Wyoming, after growing up as a fine New England Lady who came West after she married John Kelly Hartt.Over the years she became quite a fisherwoman. Minnie and her six beautiful little girls adapted to the western culture.They lived in two places; one on Maple street in Rawlins, Wyoming, and, the other, "up country" in Hahn's Peak Basin. There was a vast difference between the two locations.In Rawlins ladies wore ruffles and bows and acted lady-like by wearing dresses, ate off a white linen table cloth, and smelled like talcum powder.At Hahn's Peak, Minnie wore slacks and ate at a table covered in oil cloth. In the early days she wore "knickers" tucked into her fishing boots. She smelled like citronella oil, which she used to keep the flies away when she fished.The Forest and Park Service named a special lake "Minnie Pearl" which was a real honor.Minnie was a member of the PEO, an organization promoting education for woman, for 50 years.After the death of John Kelly in 1952 at Bragg, Wyoming, Minnie moved to Wheatridge, Colorado. Minnie passed away in 1972 in Denver, Colorado.John Kelly Hartt and Minnie Pearl Hartt had six daughters: Florence, 1910; Olive, 1911; Marjorie, 1913; Frances, 1915; Catherine, 1917; and Dorothy, 1921.
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Rawlins, Carbon County

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