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John Kelly Hartt
1871 - 1952
John, John, Samuel Jr., Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

John Kelly Hartt was born May 13, 1871 in Fort Fairfield, Arrostock County, Maine to the Rev. John and Rebecca (Kelly) Hartt. He married Minnie Pearl Spragg at St. John, New Brunswick in 1908; they honeymooned at Niagara Falls, Ontario. The couple moved to Wyoming in 1894. John was employed by the Cow Creek Sheep Company, Pioneer Sheep Company, and the Yellowstone Sheep Company. In addition to his livestock interests, he was vice-president and director of the First National Bank of Rawlings, Wyoming and a director of Ferguson Mercantile Company. He also held extensive real estate properties in Rawlings, Wyoming. In 1952 while at his Hahns Peak headquarters in the Routt National Forest of Colorado, John Kelly Hartt suffered a heart attack. Although an ambulance was called to take him to the hospital in Baggs, Wyoming, he died while en route. They raised six daughters: Florence, 1910-1993; Olive, 1911- 1995; Marjorie, 1913-1996; Frances, 1915-1978; Catherine, 1917-1980; and Dorothy, 1921-1974. For some names above their death date is approximate.
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Courtesy: Cathy Hartt
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Courtesy: Cathy Hartt
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Rawlins, Carbon County

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