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Clapman E. Smith
1762 - 1843
Father of Daniel Smith who married Phebe Hartt

Clapman was born in Connecticut on Feb 21, 1742 and died on March 18, 1843. Daniel and son, Clapman, arrived in St. John, New Brunswick in 1783 as Loyalists, bringing with them two slaves who were given their liberty, but stayed with the family. Daniel Smith resided in New Milford, CT, where he ran a public house, before fleeing to New York in 1779 and then to Canada in 1783. Clapman and Susannah Baily eloped because her parents didn't approve. However, years later they changed their minds and planned to give them a large inheritance, but all of the paper work accidently fell in the river and was ruined. Names of Chapman & Susannah Smith are: Nancy 1792-1762, Clapman 1794-1871, Ruth 1796-1875, Benjamin 1800-1870, Daniel 1802-1861, Joseph 1803-, Samuel 1805-1861, James 1807-1855, William 1808-1861, Theoppilies 1810, Ezekiel,- Susanna 1812-1825, Lydia 1815-1856, Mary 1817-1833, ,Israel 1821-1869 Thatcher 1822,John E. 1825-1903, Ammon - Source John Noble
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Photo of Gravestone
Courtesy: Byron Hartt
Cemetery Picture

Blissville, Sunbury County
New Brunswick

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