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Zula Madge Likes
1887 - 1975
Zula, Charles, Orlando, Nathaniel, David, Daniel, Thomas, Adam, Isaac

Zula Madge Hart was born August 27, 1887 to Charles Whitmore & Anna Jennings Hart. She was raised in Illinois. She married Carl Cecil Likes in 1903, She lost her hearing when a child from Scarlett fever. She was so amazed at the advancment of medicine in her lifetime. Zula acted as a midwife for the New Canton district. She took very good care of her father-in-law (Abraham Likes), when his leg was severly cut when a band saw broke. He eventually died from this accident. She was an excellent cook. Zula's great grand daughter claims when you were in Zula's presence, you automatically had class. You had to know how to behave. that meant no rudeness, no lying, no bad manners; it meant respect for yourself and for others. She spent her last years in Clyde, Kansas , after her husband died in 1956, where her son Dale had moved to when he got married . The life that used to sparkle in Zula's eyes disappeared February 1975, at the age of 88. Both are buried in Old Barry Cemetery, Pike County, Illinois. Carl & Zula had two children: Charles Cecil Likes 1905-1949, Dale Abraham Likes 1917-1991
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