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Addie Hartt
1888 - 1937
Wife of Newton Henry Hartt

Addie Way was born in Southampton, York County, New Brunswick; the date of her birth is not available. On March 24, 1885, she married Newton Henry Hartt of the same area. In 1891, they left New Brunswick for Sheridan, Montana with their three little children to help their uncle Judah with his farm. Two more children were born in Sheridan before they left for High River, Alberta in 1904. Many New Brunswick people moved to that area of Alberta during that time. In the spring of 1910, they headed for the Hanna district of Alberta with 25 head of cattle and 13 head of horses, four wagons, a democrat full of furniture, and all of their other belongings. Along the way, they met up with several hardships. Addie had a homestead of her own. The family had to live on it six months of the year to retain ownership. When the wind was blowing, the children didn't like living in their mother's old rickety house; they were afraid it would blow the house over and kill them all. Newton and Addie were good parents and did their best to ensure that their five children had a good childhood. In 1935, on the occasion of their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary, they had 15 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Addie died in 1937 and Newton in 1939. Newton and Addie (Way) Hartt had the following children: Helen Mamie, 1886-1967; Guy Carleton, 1887-1952; Lalia Beatrice, 1891-1974; Lina Roxana, 1894-1936; Addie Lorraine, 1902-1978.
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Calgary, Calgary County

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