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Arthur Eugene Mellen
1866 - 1966
Husband of Lillian Hartt

Arthur was born December 25, 1866 to John Loring and Venetia Ruby(Clyne)Mellen at home 50 West 4th Street Lowell, MA. Arthur never finished grammar school. He was a member of the Templar Lodge where he met Lillian Hartt and were married November 18, 1891 in Lowell, MA. He went to work in the Courier-Citizen Company to learn to be a printer. Arthur worked for this company for 57 yrs, retiring when he was 72 yrs old. It is interesting to note that he had charge of printing the first Telephone Directory in New England. Arthur died a month short of his 100th birthday, November 13, 1966. Children of Arthur & Lillian (Hartt) Mellen: Myrtle Beatrice 1892-1980, Earl Rufus 1894-1975, Raymond Arthur 1896-1978, Hazel Belle 1899-1991, Judah Hartt 1901-1988, Ida Pearl 1903-1993, Theodore Orrin 1905-1942, Dorothy Mae 1907-1997, Marjorie Eudora 1914-1951.
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Lowell, Middlesex County

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